PlayForce TV Podcast

From real-life experiences, advice programs, to steamy topics, fiction and non-fiction, we’ve got you covered.


Thursday 7:00 PM PHT – 8:00 PM PHT

MadamEx rounded up the steamiest topics on the web (R-18) from sex and dating. Also features open, vulnerable conversations about life experiences, failures, and journeys to success.

Pep Talk Friday

Friday 7:00 PM PHT to 8:00 PM PHT

Pep Talk spotlights trending topics and hot issues every Friday night with a welcoming approach for an empowering, motivating, and comforting listening experience.

Get Ready With Harakeeri – 1 on 1 Interview

Saturday 6:00 PM PHT to 7:00 PM PHT

This features interviews with PlayForce Tv Talents on everything from ground zero to their everyday journey as On-screen and Real Life Influencers.